Look What Happens In Your Body When You Lift Weights

The title says it all about what we will be discussing in today’s article. Although this article is mainly for guys, girls could use some extra information as well since they lift weights too, and since they also have a small dose of testosterone in their bodies. But what is testosterone exactly?

Basic Knowledge about  Testosterone

Testosterone is a male sex hormone. Although it is considered a male sex hormone, women have it too, just like males have women’s sex hormone  estrogen.

Testosterone is extremely important in a guy’s life. It is produced in testicles and regulates a lot of important functions, such as Man’s sex drive, sperm production, muscle strength and muscle mass.

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If guys have low testosterone levels, it can become a major problem, since it can lead to a number of different illnesses. So yes, low testosterone levels are a problem, and YES, there is a cure.

Another Option  Weight Lifting

The short answer would be  Yes, weight lifting does affect the body in a good way, and among all other benefits, the increase in testosterone levels is what interests us most.

While you are lifting weights, and giving your all in your workout, your testosterone levels will rise. That’s a fact.

However, testosterone levels won’t permanently stay increased. As a matter of fact, after a workout in some cases, testosterone levels may rise just for a few minutes, and in other to an hour or so.

So, what I am trying to say with this fact (tested and stated by Todd Schroeder who is conducting studies about hormones in the University of Southern California) is that after hitting the gym hard you will only have a temporary testosterone boost.

Another research was conducted on the same topic. The subjects in this research were middle-aged men who were doing various exercises for 12 months! The results have shown that they had an increase in their testosterone levels. The number wasn’t something drastically changed, but still, a point was proved.

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Besides from this, let’s see what else can lift weights help you with.

Other Facts of Weight Lifting Related to Testosterone

First of all,  weight. Being overweight can kill off your testosterone levels. That’s why many doctors advise working out; some even prescribe their patients with the program. With less fat on your body, you can have your testosterone levels back to normal again or increased a bit.

And of course, there is another research that backs this up.

Moving on to the next. A pretty important factor that directly refers to testosterone levels is age. Older men have less and less testosterone in their bodies, on top of that they don’t get a significant testosterone boost after they worked out like they used to. However, although it may seem that they don’t gain anything from working out, the benefits are still there, harder to earn, not that effective, but still there.

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Another fact is that you don’t need to be in good shape in order to get this testosterone boost. You see, it is quite of a reverse situation. Guys who aren’t in shape and who are just starting to work out will get a BIGGER boost than the ones who are lifting weights for a long period. That’s why your muscles will get kick-started, and you may experience a good change in your appearance. This won’t work if you aren’t consistent and it won’t mean that you will get those “gains” with the same tempo later.

The Final Verdict

In the end, I can only confirm that lifting weights will increase your testosterone levels for a short period, and if you are working out regularly and eating clean, it may even raise them for good later.

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Conclusion: All in all, working out can only bring you good things, and these testosterone boosts are quite handy if you want to build bigger muscles. So, work out! There is nothing wrong with it, as a matter of fact, you can find only positive things. Carefully go through the article again, soak up the information and then go out and have some fun!

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