This Is Really The Best Way To Squat

Doing squats is just one of the numerous ways to burn calories and to have gains, but this one is really the spade of all the types of exercises. Being a spade means you need to invest more on how to do this right to obtain the best results that it can offer. Now, considering squatting as a spade, why do we still hear people hurting their knees whenever they do this? To avoid injuries such as this, and to enjoy more your workout sessions, this article will teach you how to squat without destroying your knees.  Continue reading “This Is Really The Best Way To Squat”

Never Do This If You Want To Grow Big Calves

It is well known that calf size is based on genetics, whilst this is true, it doesn’t mean you can’t add mass and define shape! We are going to correct some simple mistakes and help you achieve the calves you need.

Very few muscle groups are as stubborn to develop as your calves, and a constant lack of progress might compel you to stop training your lower legs entirely. However, before you give up completely, you should know that your calf trouble could be the result of some easily fixed training mistakes. Continue reading “Never Do This If You Want To Grow Big Calves”

These Are the Steps To a Beautiful Brazillian Butt

If you are a girl, you defo need and want a juicy bubble butt, for every man to stare at it, right?

Brazilian butt workouts are strength training exercises that focus on the area surrounding your glutes. These muscles include the large gluteus maximus, the gluteus medius, which is on the outside of the hip /pelvic area and the gluteus minimus which is a fan shaped muscle that sits just underneath the gluteus medius.

Movements performed by Brazilian butt workouts focus on strengthening these muscles, which leads to more definition and a leaner look

Continue reading “These Are the Steps To a Beautiful Brazillian Butt”

10 Dangerous Ingredients in Supplements You Should Really Avoid

We all consume supplements, we are all in search of the perfect supplement. However, I’ve always been telling you guys, don’t just dive into any supplement and consume. First of all you should see if they are good quality, if they are what you really need, and mostly if they don’t have many unknown unhealthy ingredients. Continue reading “10 Dangerous Ingredients in Supplements You Should Really Avoid”