Top 5 Exercises Every Woman Must Do For Her Dream Body

Next time you hit the gym, take note of the natural segregation between men and women. The men can usually be found lifting weights, while most women do cardio for exercise. Some will argue that this stereotype is merely a stereotype. Plenty of ladies lift. And while running is great, endless cardio with no strength training leads to an imbalance in your fitness regime. Continue reading “Top 5 Exercises Every Woman Must Do For Her Dream Body”

The Best 5 Biceps Training Tips You Must Know

What’s your single best tip for building bigger biceps?

1. Do 100 reps of empty barbell curls.

Most guys that struggle with biceps growth use really heavy weights and a lot of momentum to curl. Then they do reps in the low ranges and, ultimately, the biceps really don’t end up doing a lot of work or getting a lot of tension. The upper back helps with the initial cheat to start the concentric and then the eccentric or negative portion of the rep is basically just the barbell dropping back down.

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Crucial Pieces Of Advice For Legs Training

Believe it or not, it is possible to get a quality leg workout without spending countless hours in the gym – if you know how to build a program that emphasizes the best growth-triggering exercises instead of machine-based isolation workouts.

For most of us, it’s difficult to plan a leg training routine that falls somewhere in between overtraining and not training hard enough, even though we’ve learned the drill when it comes to training all other body parts. So why is it so hard to get things right on leg day?

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The Best Muscle-Building Tips From Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Your progress has hit a wall and you feel like you’ll never get around it? On days like that, taking some word of advice from the champions of the game is the only surefire thing you can do in order to get unstuck as soon as possible.

These guys know how to train and eat for the best results imaginable and their incredible physiques are the fruits of their hard-gained training wisdom. And if you’re wondering who should you turn to for advice, how about The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment?

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This Is Why Your Muscles Stop Growing The Way You Want To

One of the great things about working out is that when we first start there are results right away. Your training hard, your feel great and your muscles are growing.

Then all of a sudden you just stop growing. All this hard work week after week and your muscles are not getting any bigger. What’s the deal? I am going to discuss some reasons why your muscles may have stopped growing and how to get them to start growing again.

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3 Joint Friendly Moves For Bigger Triceps

Although many people tend to think that the only road to building muscle mass is the fast and furious training this is not exactly true. Of course, in order to build muscles you need to work hard. But that’s not to say that you can’t be smart as well.

Overloading your training protocol can often result with serious injuries that may sideline you from the gym for months, and rob you of the potential gains. On the other hand, not using enough intensity, volume and load can be a waste of time, as it will reduce the benefits of exercising.

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