Super Effective Burpee Workout To Help You Torch Fat Fast

The burpee is a great cardiovascular exercise and can be performed as a home workout or at the gym. They are ideal for when you don’t have much time but still want to look and feel good! This exercise is perfect for achieving a toned, strong butt and abs!

Once the burpee is mastered, you will find it more enjoyable and also find that it leads to other exercises that promote similar movements. If you perform burpees regularly then you will be aware already that they become easier and more manageable.

Once you notice the progress, you will find that they can become complacent and you need to spice things up a little….we at gymguider have done just that for you, and compiled 7 exercises that will really test your stamina, endurance and stability.

The Superstar Band Jack:

Secure a resistance band loop around your ankles and crouch with your feet hip-width apart, arms in front of you, elbows bent.
Explode into the air, extending your arms and legs out into an X.
Land softly, then immediately place your hands on the floor and jump your feet back into plank.
Jump your legs out and in quickly in a prone jack, then hop your feet back underneath you and return to the crouch to complete one repetition.
Do three sets of 10, resting 30 seconds in between sets.

Burpee with a Tuck Jump:

When you come up from a standard burpee, you usually jump high in the air bringing your arms above your head.
The burpee tuck jump puts that in reverse so you bring your knees up as high as you can while keeping your arms down (or you can hit your knees as you bring them up).
Make sure you bring your knees up as high as possible, preferably to your belly button if you can.
Do three sets of 10, resting 30 seconds in between sets.

Side Hop to Burpee:

Stand with your feet hip-width apart with a barbell or foam roller on the floor on the outside of your right foot.
Jump laterally to the right over the bar, keeping your legs together.
Perform a squat thrust, then a push-up, and jump back to a standing position.
Repeat the movement to the opposite side.
Perform for 16 reps, doing eight lateral jumps in each direction.


Celebration Burpees:

Start by jacking the feet out into a mini squat or for a more advanced version, jumping up into the air into an X position.
As you land, come all the way to the floor.
Walk or jump the legs out into a wider position, like an X as well.
Bring your feet back in to repeat.
Repeat 15 times.

Burpee with Jump Lunges:

Rather than coming up into a standard jump straight up into the air, you are going to explode immediately into two alternating jump lunges.
So, your first jump lunge will have your right leg forward and then you immediately jump in the air bringing your left leg forward.
Go right back down into your next burpee after that.
Do three sets of 10, resting 30 seconds in between sets.

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