At What Hours Should You Eat If You Want To Lose Weight?

Summer is knocking at the door, miracle diets reappeared, colored pills are also on the rise, workouts are more or less existing, trainers present special programs, the gyms come with all kinds of offers.

Today I want to talk a bit about eating right and healthy when you want to lose weight.

It is known that when you want to lose weight you have to eat right and healthy. But does it matter what we eat, or does it matter at what time we eat if we want to lose weight the right and healthy way?

How to lose weight:

Many fitness-wellness experts have done some studies and came to a conclusion, to answer the question above. They concluded in a beautiful phrase: weight control is a complex dance between factors influencing metabolsism – brain, hormones, neurotransmitters and metabolic processes. In other words, it matters what you eat and to eat healthy, but it is extremely important in what day period you eat.

So what can we do to lose weight in a healthy way? Well, everything it’s based on balanced nutrition, healthy eating and sport. But let me give you a little detail.


First, one thing I always tell to those I work with: Do not skip breakfast! I always said that you don’t have a excuse to skip breakfast. You must understand that you get the breakfast when you are at home (no matter it’s your home or the home of the / those who have spent the night with).

So you can not skip your breakfast. And attention, breakfast is taken at home, not as soon as I arrived at the office! I do not get a pretzel from the road nor coffee consumption at the office. It is recommended to eat breakfast within one hour of awakening.

The first time you open your eyes is advisable to drink a large glass of water with a slice of lemon. After about 30 minutes, you can eat breakfast and then start the job at the office! This action speeds up your metabolism and prepares your body saying to it that you do not need to conserve energy (calories).

If you are a person who doesn’tĀ eats breakfast, try to gradually add foods from the water. It’s very simple: the longer you wait to eat breakfast, the more you expect to burn more calories.

Rule number two about food: do not let pass more than three hours between meals and snacks (snacks who should preferably be based on either protein or fruit / vegetables.) This helps to maintain blood glucose at a safety level and energy keeps the metabolism high. So eating regular is always what I’m talking about with my clients.

The third rule is quite questionable / controversial: do not eat anything after the sun goes down! Classic story “not eating anything after 18 o’clock.” The point is like this: Our metabolism stars to slow down at around 16 (I’m talking generally about people who have a relatively normal schedule) and the lowest point is when we sleep. More specifically, it is advisable to eat the last meal of the day with about 2 hours before sleep.


It is preferable to eat high calorie meals early in the day, and the weakest in the second part of the day. For example, if you know you are a sweets lover try to eat them during breakfast, because those calories will not make you fat, they will be converted into energy.

So the conclusion? It does matter how healthy you eat, how balanced you eat, but it matters very much how regularly you eat, when you eat and how much you workout!

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