Top 3 Most Powerful ABS Exercises For a Flat Belly

There are many overweight people around the world and most of them are in a rush to target their belly fat belly fat before everything else. They would begin with several random exercises practically not really knowing where should they start and how must they continue. They are not able to succeed on their goal of eliminating their belly fat as they are inclined to focus on single are than their entire body.

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Top 5 Exercises For A Better Butt

Wondering what to do about your flabby backside? Right before you decide that whipping your butt back into shape would be too much work and go back to finishing that bowl of ice cream, stop and check out our list of the best butt-toning exercises that really work. We can guarantee you this much: given the right tools, building a strong, firm and perfectly round backside can be simpler than you ever thought.

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Estrogen Levels – How And Why You Should Keep Them Under Control

Testosterone is what makes a man a man, and estrogen is what makes a woman a woman, however, estrogen is in many aspects just as important to a man’s health as testosterone. And, despite them being regarded as the polar opposites of human sexual development and behavior, on a molecular scale they are very similar.

If you try to merge both molecules into a 3D figure you would find them looking identical except that testosterone would have one extra carbon atom into its molecular structure. And it is precisely in this similarity that we find the reason why some men experience high estrogen levels. Considering that the testosterone molecule is so similar to estrogen, it is extremely easy for various aromatase enzymes to cut off the one extra carbon atom from the molecule and convert it into estrogen.

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High Intensity Training Can Slow Down Ageing By 10 Years

A team from the Brigham Young University has discovered a way to slow down ageing. It’s not a magic pill or some kind of a miracle drink, but exercise. And not ordinary, but intense exercise. A new study has found that doing regular high-intensity exercise can slow down ageing by nearly 10 years. When it comes to prolonging your life, does this study carry any weight?

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Full Week Gym Workout Plan To Keep You In Shape

This workout plan will help you stay on track the entire week and reach all your goals. Give it a try, but don’t forget to warm up for good and to perform some stretching after the workout. Never forget that nutrition is a very important part of the process, so be mindful about what you put in your body every day. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do!

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