5 Supplements That Will Greatly Boost Testosterone Levels

Testosterone booster products are natural supplements which can greatly increase testosterone levels. They do that by either increasing production of testosterone directly or of some other closely related hormones, or by preventing the process of aromatization, which is the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. Here are some great boosters:

1. Vitamin D

A study found that there is a close link between vitamin D deficiency and decreased test levels. When the subjects in the study were exposed to the summer sun and their vitamin D production increased, this resulted in increased testosterone levels.

There was a study done in the course of several years, where 60 men were split into two groups. The first group took 3,300 IU of vitamin D every day. This group experienced a double increase in their vitamin D levels and their testosterone increased by 20%, from 10.6 nmol/l to 13.3 nmol/l. In order to get more of this vitamin, increase your exposure to sunlight. As an alternative, you can take approximately 3000 IU of vitamin D3 daily and consume foods rich in vitamin D. This is an important vitamin which can greatly increase your testosterone levels, especially if you are deficient in it.

2. Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus is a plant that’s been used in many countries around the world for medical purposes for many centuries. The majority of the research nowadays is concentrated on animal studies, which repeatedly show increased libido and testosterone levels. A 90-day study which observed men who suffered from erectile dysfunction found that consuming tribulus increased the self-reported perceived ratings of the participants’ libido and increased their testosterone levels by 15%. But, there are also other studies which haven’t shown any benefit of consuming tribulus for young advanced athletes and healthy people with normal testosterone levels.

The same as many other testosterone boosters, it seems that tribulus offers benefits only to those who have low testosterone levels of suffer from impaired sexual function. The bottom line is that tribulus can help men with their sex drive and improve their sperm count and quality, as well as raise testosterone levels in men who suffer from erectile dysfunction.

3. Ginger

Ginger is a popular herb and a common spice found in every household which for centuries has had a big role in alternative medicine. It offers a lot of health benefits, with lots of studies confirming that it has the ability to decrease inflammation and quite possibly increase testosterone levels. Studies done on rats have discovered that ginger has a positive impact on testosterone levels and sexual function. In a study lasting 30 days, scientists found that ginger raised testosterone and LH levels in mice who had diabeted. Another study, also done on mice, found that their testosterone levels almost doubled.

A third study discovered greater increases in T levels when they doubled the ginger dose they gave to the mice. In one study done on humans, 70 infertile men took a ginger supplement every day. After 3 months, they had experienced a 16% increase in their testosterone levels and their LH levels had almost doubled. When they measured sperm health, several improvements were found, such as a 15% increase in their sperm count. Even though studies done on the correlation between ginger and testosterone levels are still in their early days, consuming ginger is quite safe and offers a lot of health benefits.

4. Zinc


Also popular as an aphrodisiac, this mineral is essential to our bodies since it’s involved in more than a hundred chemical processes inside our bodies. The same as with vitamin D, the levels of zinc in our bodies have been associated with test levels. One study which tried to measure this relation discovered that limiting zinc consumption from various foods dercreased testosterone levels in healthy men. Not unexpectedly, taking zinc supplements by men deficient in zinc also increased testosterone levels. There was another study which measured how zinc affects infertile men who had low or normal test levels. Scientists found that there were significant benefits for men with low test levels, like increased test and sperm count.

But they did not find any additional benefits for men who had normal test levels. It was also found that elite wrestlers who took zinc each day experienced a reduced decline in test levels during the course of a four-week training program. Taking this into consideration, it’s also possible that zinc might help increase the levels if you already have low testosterone or you’re zinc-deficient. Zinc consumption also seems to help with recuperation from high-intensity workouts.

5. Fenugreek

Fenugreek is also another very popular booster based on herbs. Some studies have suggested that the way it works is by decreasing the amount of enzymes which transform testosterone into estrogen. One study observed 2 groups of 15 college men in the course of 8 weeks. All participants did resistance training 4 times per week, but one group took 500 mg of fenugreek a day. The measurements of free testosterone and total testosterone increased in the group that took fenugreek, while the group which only did resistance training had a small decline in their test levels. The first group also had a bigger increase in muscle strength and fat loss. Another study observed the effects of fenugreek on sexual function and overall quality of life.


The scientists gave 50 healthy men aged between 25-50, either 550 mg of fenugreek or a placebo pill every day for 6 weeks. The men reported increased strength after consuming fenugreek. They also found that 80% of the group experienced increased libido, 65% reported improved sexual performance, 82% reported increased energy levels and 54% reported improved overall well-being.

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